Acana Dog Food Reviews – Is Acana Dog Food Good?

Acana dog food is an efficient, trustworthy and, wholesome dog food brand. Acana brand is ranked high in the market due to its safety standards and, high-quality. It is as well award-winning dog food brand.

In Alberta, they are recognized as the best dog food manufacturers. The reason is they produce dog food under strict quality control.

They manufacture the dog food in their own lab. They don’t make dog food for the other companies.

The best thing about Acana dog food is they use fresh ingredients in their products that are sourced locally. Unlike other companies, they don’t store the ingredients.

They use totally fresh and, natural ingredients. Ingredients are being sent to Acana lab as soon as they are harvested. Acana’s business approach is much better than other manufacturers who store the ingredient for along to be used in the formula or recipe.

Customer Care Info:

Phone: 1-877-939-0006 (Toll Free North America)
Timings: 07:00 AM to 05:00 PM Central Timings
Days: Monday – Saturday

How Acana Dog Food Brand Is Different From Others?

Acana dog food is totally unique in its working process, operating system, and recipes. The reason is they believe that dogs are unchanged from the wolves so they manufacture their food according to this philosophy and, belief.

They focus on protein (1) than carbohydrates (2). The grain-free (3) food of this brand consists of 60% meat which is totally fresh.  All of their products whether it is for puppies and adult dogs are based on the type of food that is available in the North American territories.

They have a goal to produce products that are sourced from different resources such as meat, fish, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. If it is not found in the wild then you cannot find that particular ingredient in the Acana Dog food.

Acana Food Provides The Best Food With Variety:

Acana dog food brand gives much importance to the dog’s well-being and, overall health. While considering the individual or discreet needs and, a requirement of the different dogs they offer a complete and, diverse range of dog food products. Acana dog food has a complete products line that is mentioned here.

  • Acana wild prairie grain-free dry dog food is the best-selling product because it is suitable for every breed. The ingredients of this products line are fresh, healthy, and balanced that exquisitely matches the dog’s natural diet
  • Acana heritage free-run poultry it is the signature products line of Acana and, available in three different meat varieties. The recipe for this products line contains chicken liver, deboned chicken, gizzard, heart and, chicken meal. For carbohydrates, the formula has, green peas, lentils, and point beans
  • Acana regional wild Atlantic dry food, in this product line the ingredients are being taken from the different areas. The products of the regional wild contain the best blend of vegetables, fruits, probiotics and, homeopathic botanicals
  • Acana regional Appalachian ranch, as the name explicitly escalates that beef, pork, lamb, bison are the main sources of protein in this product line. Freshest fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants and, required vitamins
  • Acana singles duck and, pear, this product line available in different four varieties. Duck meat is being used in the products as a supplement to other meats which may cause an allergic reaction. Pear with vegetables and, fruits provide antioxidants and pear with lentils provide carbohydrates
  • Acana singles wild mackerel, this product line contain limited ingredients

Advanatges of Acana Dog Food:

It is very essential to know the pros and cons before buying a particular brand of food.

  • Acana dog food uses a variety of meat to enhance the taste. you need not force your dog to eat the eat it is enough delicious
  • This brand provides you with dog food that is rich in nutrients and, vitamins because all of the organs and cartilage of animals is being used in the recipe
  • Acana dog food brand offers products that are grain-free to minimize the chances of allergic reactions
  • Antioxidants are very beneficial for your dog and the antioxidants of the Acana food is sourced from fresh vegetables and, fruits
  • They use fresh and, natural ingredients in their recipes or formula within a day they move the ingredient from fields to the factory. They don’t use stored ingredients

Disadvantages of Acana Dog Food:

  • Acana dog food products are not affordable for some people they are a bit expensive.
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Teresa Carroll
3 years ago

Awesome dog food! We noticed an immediate change in our dogs energy level, alert, activity and responsiveness increases were dramatic….and smaller stools because there aren’t any fillers of corn, and grains and whatever else Cheaper dog food manufacturers sell because it is…..always comes down to greed doesn’t it!

Catherine Milovina
4 years ago

Oops! I meant to say that we are not 100% sure that ACANA is the cause of our dog’s enlarged heart, but with the FDA studies that were recently published, it looks to be a very strong possibility that this food is the cause. Our dog was very healthy before being on this diet for the past two years.
Here is the link for the study connecting certain foods to enlarged hearts:

Catherine Milovina
4 years ago

We are not a 100% sure, but my dog was just diagnosed with an enlarged heart. She has been on Acana Duck and Pear for two years. We of course are taking her off Acana immediately and have contacted the FDA.
If she dies of heart disease due to your food, we will take action.
You should recall your food.

Hope pup is fine
4 years ago

Not thinking you can blame the food for that

2 years ago

This is not something you can blame Acana for. Many dogs develop this disease naturally and is irrelevant to the food. As for the FDA assessment – there are 300 cases assessed in which 90% were fed a grain-free diet with peas and lentils as substitutions. YOU as the owner are responsible for this. If you feed your kids McDonalds 3 times a day everyday and they develop heart disease you cannot go sue McDonalds. The ingredients and nutritional information is available to you at all times. You are the one making the ultimate decision to feed them a diet that may not be compatible with them. Every dog is different, has different needs and requirements. You need to be in tune with this or seek medical advice on diet. It is also well-known that you should never feed your dog the same food for 2 years straight. You are asking for trouble doing that. Regardless of what people tell you. If you are using dry kibble only you need to have a cyclical feeding program such that any ‘bad’ effects are not exacerbated and any missing dietary needs are covered on other cycles. (ie. I use Acana but 4 different types – grain-free, grain included, single diet and regular; I cycle these on a monthly basis such that my dog gets exposed to many different types of foods and is not constantly bombarded with something that may not potentially sit well with them). My dog has been healthy with no vet visits in over 10 years following this (same with my cat).

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