Wellness Dog Food Reviews – Is Wellness a Good Dog Food? Learn here!

Wellness dog food contributes to the health and, the wellbeing of the dogs. They have the most amazing and reliable recipe which helps pets maintain physical or mental health.

They have a goal to make every mealtime count. They well-efficiently understand the dietary needs of the dogs and, provide the products that have the best taste and required holistic nutrition by utilizing human-grade ingredients.

They believe that every dog is best and it deserves the best while considering different requirements of the dogs they produce the best food products.

Wellness dog food formulates premium-quality dog food with no artificial flavor, color, soy, wheat and, by-products.

The Company uses real meat, antioxidants (1), probiotics (2), and Omega fatty acids (3) in all of the products to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

They use the finest quality ingredients in their products. In some of their products, they use peas as a card source, grains for a protein substitute and, flaxseed.

  • The company provide high-quality and, healthiest ingredients
  • All of their products contain different recipe with the discreet protein and, a fat level
  • You need to choose a food bad which is good enough to fulfill the protein and, energy needs of your dog
  • Look at the labels carefully

Customer Care Info:

Phone: 1-800-225-0904 (Toll Free)
Timings: 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM Eastern Timings
Days: Monday – Friday
Email: info@wellpet.com

Wellness Dog Food Products Line:

They have a complete and the most diverse range of pet food. They understand that different dogs have different requirements.

If a diet is suitable for one dog it doesn’t mean it is as well appropriate for another one. They offer the most unique and discreet products line while keeping in mind the different needs of the dogs. The products line of the wellness dog food is mentioned below.

Complete Health:

Six kibbles are being offered by the Company in a complete health line. This line of the food consists of the de-boned chicken, turkey, salmon, whitefish, oatmeal, barley, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and peas. The percentage of the protein and, the fat in this formula is typically 22 for the adult dogs 12 according to their requirements.


The core line of food is high in protein and is totally grain-free. This food line is totally low in carbs and, high in protein. This line of food is available with different seven recipes.

This food line has a formula which is very beneficial for dogs that are overweight and, cannot tolerate the fats. This food line helps the dogs in reducing weight as well.


This food line is consists of six dry recipes two of which are grain-free. All of the protein in this food line is being taken from animals such as salmon, chicken, lamb, and turkey.

Further, oatmeal, peas and, sweet potatoes are the sources of the carb in this food line. The food line doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or preservatives, egg, dairy, corn, soy, gluten, wheat, GMO’s and, meat by-products. This food line is specially designed for dogs with food sensitivities and, allergies.


This food line is bakes or dehydrated and is made in smaller batches. Each recipe is being formulated with a load of nutritional values that easily you can feed to your dog. The Trufood food line offers the nuggets you can make it a fresh meal in your home.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Wellness Dog Food?

It is very essential to consider the advantages and, disadvantages of the dog pet food brand before buying it. There are advantages and disadvantages of this particular food brand.

Pros of Wellness Dog Food:

  • They avoid the different major ingredient that can create many problems for the dogs
  • All of the products contain probiotics and prebiotics which is very good for the digestive system
  • They use the low-glycemic ingredient in their products to stabilize the blood pressure of the dogs
  • The products contain Omega-3 and, Omega-6 which help dogs in maintaining a fur coat and healthier skin
  • Wellness dog food has grain-free recipes featuring the most organic and, natural ingredients and, super nutrients for the adults
  • They have the most delicious recipes with a perfect blend and, the balance of the protein

Cons of Wellness Dog Food:

  • Wellness dog food products are much expensive than traditional dog food brands
  • It is not totally poultry free some of the dogs are allergic to the poultry
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