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Dog breed was not inherited initially but has been made by the humankind. The reason for this is of having the same kind of them multiply. Breeds mean the mating of a similar kind of dogs for their characteristics and qualities. This has been going on since ancient times. The only reason to have the offspring is to help human by doing a variety of tasks, hunting, guarding and herding are the main ones’.

The breeding of dogs has given multiple dogs that are different in some characteristics and qualities. There is a vast range of these distinctions in numbers and genders. For example, by breeding Toy Poodle with another Toy poodle is a result of the baby toy poodle that has the same features and qualities as them.

Dogs are a mans best friend they say but not all of us have the same kind of them. Some people have German Shepard’s, pugs, greyhound, and many others. This is all possible because of the practice of breeds.

Another reason to breed them is to pet them as there is an advantage of having them. They help us by boosting our energy, depriving us of loneliness and keeping us happy which prevents us from facing any sort of depression.

The total number of breeds all over the world are about 347. This is a huge number but not all of them are the same in terms of energy. People prefer some of them in order to keep themselves away from problems.

Best Dog Breeds – What are The Most Friendly Dog Breeds?

A dog might be a blessing in terms of a long lasting friendship you attain with them. Walking them around and spending quality with them, in result give you health benefits. There are a few things you have to look on to and that is:

  • Time: Time is the key for everything and that includes in training your dog. Considering that it is better to adopt an older dog that has already been trained and is not in need of you, all of the time.
  • Space: The other thing while finding a dog is the space you posses, if you have a smaller place you would be looking around for smaller dogs to avoid circumstances.
  • Nature: Third thing is the character traits that are important to consider supposing you have a family etc.
A poodle comes in three sizes similar to toy, miniature and standard. They are playful and always up for activities. These precious little ones’ are not problematic as they shed less than the normal ones. A poodle is a great addition to the family.

This one is so full of energy that it is ready to toss over anytime to play. They can help you in another way by being your health partner, as they need to exercise. They belong to a small category of dogs. Other than, they are smart and keep one happy when around them.

Bichon Frise
This one might not need of to much time and is best all those who are not too active. They have a cute face and are small; they might be hard to train but having a very loving nature that just covers the other things.

Shih tzu
You will love these small creatures for one reason and that is that they love to cuddle and stay close to you. They are active and loyal to their owners but do not need to exercise much.

Border Terrier
Not too small but are perfect. They are lazy and would preferably love to hang around at home or just walk. Borders are laid back compared to others.

Labrador Retriever
Most you must have see the Labradors at your relative or neighbours place. They are common, as they are known to be sweetest from the lot. Best part about them is that they are easy going, friendly with humans and other animals.

Dog Breeds With Special Needs

As mentioned earlier in this article, none of the dog breeds is the same. Keeping the friendly ones’ in mind, here are some of them that are an absolute pleasure to have around. This part would help you in a way to find the one you want

German shepherd
German shepherd are loved by all and play a big role in guarding people. They require remaining fit through their diet and exercise. They can inherit hip dysplasia, a formation of hip socket that leads to arthritis and lameness. Another disease that is common among them is Degenerative myelopathy, which cannot be treated and progresses into paralyses

jack and parson russell terriers
These kind of terriers are overall healthy and if their exercise and diet are maintained then there is no need to worry since they have a longer life. The only diseases they can inherit is lens luxation that causes loss of vision.

The Lhasa apso might be adorable to look at but if you are keeping them as a pet, you have to take serious notes. They have teary eyes, which have to be cleaned with isotonic solution gently, and with that, their optimal health should be maintained by regular eye check ups. These creatures can also suffer from kidney diseases. To avoid any snags and tangles, brush their coat daily.

The third most loved breed in America, these Yorkshire’s have taken peoples heart. With the attitude of mini diva’s. The only problem is that they have a weak immune system, which causes digestive problems. Moreover, for avoiding it, their diet should be monitored properly. Moreover their contact with another breed can cause tracheal collapse, which leads to problems that are more serious.

Labrador Retriever
Labrador are fun, loyal and playful. These dogs might not face any health issues compared to other but still if they are not active can gain weight and suffer from joint problems. Rarely but so can also inherit a disease retinal atrophy (losses eye vision)
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