Best Dog Food for Boxers – Top Rated Boxer Dog Food

Boxer is a breed developed in Germany. It is a short-haired, medium size breed. Boxers are large, muscular, square-headed and, have mischievous eyes. The coat of the boxers is tight fitting and, smooth with or without white marking.  They have sound and, strong jaws best for the powerful bite. Boxers earn enough reputation due to their protective and, patience nature.


The boxer that we know today was developed in the late 19th century.  The Boxer’s ancestors were Bullenbeisser. And the Bullenbeisser used as hunting dogs for the centuries. Their task was to catch the prey until the hunter arrived. Later Bullenbeisser lost their job in estates and, they were used by butchers or farmers. By the time a Munich man George Alt bred a local dog of unknown origin with a female Bullenbessier named Flora. This was supposed to be the first line of the boxers that we have today.

Traits of Boxers:

There are some specific physical and, personal traits of the boxers. The lifespan of the boxers is from 10 to 12 years. The weight of the male dog is from 27 to 32 kg and height is 57 to 63 cm. and the height of female boxer is from 53 to 63 cm or weight 25 to 29 kg. They have wide undershot jaws, large or open nostrils to breathe well, and, facial side wrinkles.  The personal traits of Boxers, they are devoted, energetic, fearless, loyal, brave, calm, bright, playful and, intelligent.

Pros and Cons of Having Boxer Dog Breed as Pet:

It is very important to consider the pros and, cons if you are going to own a boxer.

  • Boxer is a clean dog with a short coat so it is low maintenance dog
  • Boxer is a very energetic dog so it is the best companion for outdoor activities
  • Boxer is a lovable and friendly dog that loves the children
  • They are best watchdogs because they have territorial and, guarding instinct
  • They have a calm temperament
  • Boxers are high energy dogs make sure you have desired energy to give them
  • Boxer snores loudly and drools a lot
  • Boxers are not outdoor dogs their short nose and, hairs make them uncomfortable in cold or hot weather
  • Boxers mature slowly
  • Boxers have an independent streak they don’t like to be bossed

Boxers are always bright and, highly alert. Boxer is a perfect amalgam of loyalty, good looks, affection, intelligence, work ethics and, calmness. They are actually a perfect doggy package. Sometimes they are silly but all you need to just focus on their early consistent training.

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