Best Dog Food for Chihuahuas – Top Rated Chihuahua Dog Food

Chihuahua is a breed that named after a state of Chihuahua in Mexico. Chihuahua is the only smallest breed of dog that comes in the variety in coat types and, colors. They are entertaining, comic and their eccentric personality is unmatchable with any other breed.


Chihuahua is actually the oldest breed of the America continent.  Their origin is somewhat unclear some historians believe that Chihuahua evolved from a wild dog Techichi. That was later in the 19th century domesticated by Toltects in Mexico. Other historians claim that they originated from a cross between Techichi and, a hairless dog that came to North America. Chihuahuas were basically discovered in the 1850s and, then they quickly became famous in America. And American Kennel Club registered Chihuahua in 1904.

Physical traits:

Chihuahua is a proportioned, balanced and, graceful dog. They have terrier-like demeanor weighing not more than 9 pounds. An average Chihuahua weight and, height is 6 to 9. Their lifespan is from 10 to 12 years. Their area of origin is Mexico and their original function is ceremonial. All of them are small and, have stocky size. They have an apple-shaped head. They have round and, full luminous eyes that are expressive and, have erect ears. And the coats come in different patterns and, varieties. They can be short or a little long as well varieties are identical except coat.

Personality traits:

Chihuahuas are ideal lovable and, loyal dogs. Chihuahuas are extremely variable that is why they are loved by people. They are child-friendly, confident, sensitive and, thrives on affection and, companionship. They are excellent watchdogs and, easily socialized.

Prose and Cons of Chihuahuas as Pets:

There are certain pros and, cons that you need to consider before buying a Chihuahua.

  • Chihuahua is a long-lived breed.
  • As they are small so they are easy to handle they don’t require a large space
  • They are ideal watchdogs because they have excellent hearing and, listening capabilities
  • Chihuahuas are too easy to groom
  • They are a quick learner because they are smart and, intelligent
  • It is very hard for Chihuahuas to survive in cold you have to keep them warm
  • Chihuahuas bark a lot
  • They are sensitive and prone to health issues so might need specialized dog food
  • Chihuahuas do not do well with other animals

Chihuahuas are alert, comical, entertaining and, purse dogs with a lineage going back to the ancient Kingdom of pre-Columbian times. Chihuahuas are actually small dogs with a huge personality. They are ideal pet dogs but you need to focus on their earl grooming.

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