Best Dog Food for Dachshunds – Top Rated Dachshund Dog Food

Dachs means badger and Hund means dog. Therefore, Dachshund is known as the badger dog and was originated in Germany.

It does not mean that they only attacked badgers, however, the Dachshund breed was used to hunt wild boars and other animals too.

Some features of a Dachshund are that they are quick learners and are playful pets. Therefore, they go along well with kids. Do not get doomed by their size they have a loud voice and deep barks that frighten strangers away.

Keep an eye on the diet of this dog as they eat a lot and put up weight that leads to health complications later. They are small so they are naturally lazy. It is important to engage them in activities that keep them fit and healthy otherwise they will become dull and loss their playful spirit. Jumping from high spots can result in injuries so keeping a close eye on these little babies is the duty of the master.

They are extremely attached to the master and do not like to share their attention with other pets. So hey easily become jealous if they do not get the due attention.

There are three types of Dachshunds; the short-haired, wire-haired and long-haired. All of these are very adorable. The size of Dachshunds varies. If it weighs 11 pounds, it is a mini form and if it ranges from 16-32 pounds, it is known as a tweenie.

These small dogs are extremely confident. They do not seem to be fearless but the hidden talents of Dachshund. They have a long muscular body, which puts the whole weight on the short legs.

They have small black eyes that reflect their witty nature. They are brave but stubborn too, you need to learn to handle them properly, and you get better with time, of course. They do not show off their playful nature in front of other people, but home is the place where their real character comes out.

The clever and small, cute little dogs are the perfect pet if you own a small apartment and love to own dogs as they offer some amazing traits in spite of their small size.

They have some amazing facial expressions and can show their masters what they actually feel. Easily taken care of Dachshunds are pretty babies that suit every lifestyle, however, you need to stay calm when you own them as they give all the love back they receive.

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