Best Dog Food for English Bulldogs – Top Rated English Bulldog Dog Food

The English bulldog is also known as British bulldog because this breed of dogs originated from England and thus got this name. These dogs were brought by the Romans to the British and were used for Bullbaiting. This activity made them extremely ferocious and the were known as the aggressive dogs used for such purposes. However, with time, they became more stable and today bulldogs appear ferocious but are loving and dotting pets.

They are a famous breed of dogs known for their body size and different appearance they have a thick body with a big head, broad shoulders and short, sturdy limbs. The English bulldogs have dark eyes that are deep and exhibit fear. The nose is black while the lips are thick and fleshy and seems they are always ready to attack anyone. However, the appearance does not matter at all it the English bulldogs are a powerhouse of some amazing skills. Their strength and wild looks are what makes them a treat to watch but from a distance!

The English bulldog has a height of about 16 inches and the female weighs 50 while male 54 pounds. The loose skin and wrinkles on the face are a distinct feature of this breed. While the coats are short and fine in different colors like white, fawn, brown.

The personality of English bulldogs depends on the treatment. They are calm and friendly and make good pets to those who take care of them. However, they have a wild side too, which shows up in states of dislike or when the dog is upset over something. Because they are courageous, they are the best watchdogs and no other breed can beat them in this quality.

The English bulldogs can live in an apartment. They are lazy ones so do not move around often. However, to keep them active you need to take them outdoors and set some exercise routines for them. They are sensitive to heat, humid weathers, and extremely cold weather. They can live better in moderate temperatures. The wrinkles on the face are a site for catching infections so they need frequent cleaning. You need to take care of the diet of your pet, as they are too greedy and eat without stopping which ultimately leads to weight gain. Because of the short nose, they experience respiratory problems too.

English bulldogs are attention seekers and love to be around people. Therefore, they are always there to cuddle with their masters to get affection from them.

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