Best Dog Food for German Shepherd – Top Rated German Shepherd Dog Food

The German shepherd is actually a most popular breed. It was originated in Germany.  The German shepherd is a new breed of dog with their origin dating to 1899. It is a most preferable breed in disability assistant, search or rescue operations and in police and military services because German shepherd dogs are obedient, intelligent, and, trainable.

History of German shepherd:

The German shepherd is a new breed that is almost developed in the 20th century. In commonly the dogs were used to protect the homes and to herd sheep. Then in the 1850s, an attempt was being made to standardize the dog breeds by Stephanitz. Basically, dogs were being herded to preserve the qualities and, work ethics that assist them in their job of herding. Eventually, he recognized that the breed has unnecessary skills, strength, sense of smell and, intelligence. Stephanitz aim was to develop a dog breed that can assist the worker and, as well can be used by military and, police services.  Then this standardized breed in 1907 came in America and flourished with organizations.

Facts about German shepherd:

There are some specific facts about German shepherd dogs are listed below.

German shepherd dogs have a sharp, proportioned and commanding look.

And their body is sturdy but lean and, they are slightly longer than tall. German shepherd dogs have pointed ears, shaped eyes, long muzzle, convex forehead, and overall soft look with amiable expressions. They have solid back legs and, bushy tail.

Characteristics of German shepherd:

German shepherd dogs are actually built for endurance, independent thinking, speed, focus, and, obedience. German shepherd dogs are favorite of each and, everyone due to their fierceness, strength, courage, gentleness, and, courage. Their devotion and, courage are unmatched.

German shepherd gods are amazingly versatile. They are explicitly excellent at anything they are trained to do such as assisting the handicaps, search or rescue, herding, drug detection, and, police or military service.

Pros and Cons of Having a German Shepherd Dog as Pet:

  • Origin of the German shepherd in Germany
  • The average lifespan of them is 7 to 10 years
  • Date of their religion is the 1800s
  • Height if the average male dog is from 24 to 26 and weight is 75 lbs to 95 lbs
  • The height of the female dog is 22 to 24 and, weight is 65 lbs to 85 lbs
  • They shed a lot because of their thick and, lengthy coat
  • German shepherd dogs usually have common genetic health problems
  • As they are a dominant breed you need to be a leader with them

German shepherd dogs are agile, muscular, confident, courageous, stead and, have high intelligence. They have an extraordinary quality to learn the commands for different tasks. They can gentle family pets and, steadfast guardian but one just needs to spend little more money on its maintenance.

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