Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers – Top Rated Golden Retriever Dog Food

The Golden retriever is one of the most popular large and, medium-sized breed in the USA. They are used as gun dogs in the hunting and, shooting parties. They were named retriever because of their ability to retrieve shot game undamaged due to their soft mouth. Golden retrievers are trained to be a hunting or detection dogs and, as a participant in search and, rescue operations. They are as well coached to be a guide for the blind and, deaf.


This breed is developed in Scotland. In the 19th century in Scotland, the surplus of water and, a game created the need of talented retrievers that are eager in the hunting and, exceptionally calm or loyal in the home. All of these characteristics you can explicitly find in today’s retriever. Golden retrievers were the result, a breed that can perform the different task for them. Golden retrievers bred from the mixture of retriever setters, spaniels, and bloodhounds. First, they were named as Flat-Coated Retrievers. In 1932 an American Kennel Club recognized this breed and, later they were named as Golden Retriever.


Golden retrievers can be recognized by their beautiful golden-coat, outgoing smile and by balanced proportions.  Approximately the weight of the average Golden retriever is 50 to 80 and, height is from 21 to 24 inches. A typical Golden Retriever has a broad head, a brown nose, tapered muzzle, fascinating brown eyes, and medium-sized hanging ears. They have a full lustrous coat that is water resistant.  They have a sturdy neck, muscular or wide shoulders and, a broad chest that leads to strong thighs. They have long and, dense tail. Their lifespan is from 10 to 12 years.

Personality traits:

They are one of the best family dogs because they are handsome, proportioned, super friendly, loyal, easily trained obedient and, ideal human companions.

Pros and Cons of Keeping Golden Retrievers as Pets:

It is very important to consider prose and, cons if you are going to own a Golden retriever.

  • They are best outdoor dogs because they have a dense water-repellent double coat
  • They are calm so they are trustworthy and, gentle with kids
  • They are very smart and, easily trained
  • They are highly energetic and, love to play
  • As they are big and always hungry or get bigger if overfed
  • They shed a lot around spring everywhere you find are hairs
  • They are prone to health problems

The Golden retriever is a popular breed that is eager at field work or hunting, a perfect guide for blinds, and, efficiently works in search or rescue operations. When they are not at work they are obedient, endearing loyal and, lovable.

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