Best Dog Food for Great Danes – Top Rated Great Dane Dog Food

Great Dane is a classic dog breed that is large and known as “Apollo of dogs. Apollo is a Greek god of the sun.

This German breed of dog has some features that make them one of the brilliant pets. People all over the world like to own them as they are great with children and are extremely playful.

They were used to hunt wild boar in early days. Being a dog with aggressiveness running down its veins the Great Danes have evolved a lot and today they are very friendly and get along well with other breeds of dogs as well as humans.

The males of Great Danes have a weigh around 100-120 lbs. and have a height of 32 inches. Whereas the females are of the same, weight but a little shorter. The distinctive feature of these dogs are the Floppy ears that set apart Great Danes from others. Along with that the athletic body and a giant head that can knock things easily.

Their short coat is in mostly in black, blue, or nude colors. However, they do not need much grooming! Great Danes are quick learners so teaching some manners is not a tough game. However, these dogs have a short life; they live for about 8 years thus rank lower in the lines of favorite pets.

Great Danes are extremely sociable and do not behave nicely when alone. They are not suited to small apartments and places where they are stuck in a small space and unable to move freely. Because of their size, they need to have some activity to keep themselves active.

Therefore, some exercise each day is recommended for Great Danes. They can be bossy as well as friendly ones, so you need to understand the nature of your dog before you train them.

The Great Danes have an extremely fierce voice and can keep strangers away just by barking at them. They are super protective of their owners so you may feel them getting closer to you if they see something suspicious happening around them.

Just be aware that because of his size, he has a relatively short life span of around eight years old. That means he takes up a huge space in your heart for a short amount of time.

They are playful as well as destructive at the same time; they can easily swipe up a dinner setting just by its tail. They can knock people easily if they dislike them or are disturbed by someone.

If you are looking for a giant pet, Great Dane is the perfect dog breed to choose, you will love them, and their amazing habits are drool-worthy.

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