Best Dog Food for Huskies – Top Rated Husky Dog Food

Huskies are sled type of dogs. They are usually admired because of their looks but they are more than a pretty face. They are known for their credible and, fast pulling style Huskies are used for pulling heavy loads. In snow regions for travel adventure now companies are as well marketing dog sleds.  Now retired racing and, adventure trekking dogs are kept as pets.


Huskies origin can be tracked back by ancient Chukchi people who were entirely independent on their dogs for, hunting, transportation, companionship and, trapping.

For a long distance their dogs they can pull a moderate load even at low temperature. Chukchi people unchanging lifestyle produced a breed which had hinting attributed and retained to live in a pack.

They were un-aggressive and lovable to people. This breed was highly encouraged by Chukchi people who highly valued their fast dogs. Then in the 19th century when these tribes started to trade this breed recognized. And in the 20th century, they were known as Huskies.


Huskies are looked like wolves but they are friendly. The weight of an average husky is from 35 to 60 pounds and, height is 20 to 23 inches. The lifespan of Huskies is from 10 to 12 years.  They have a medium-size head with a unique pattern of colors.

They have almond-shaped eyes with a mischievous look. Huskies are adorned by their powerful and, effortless gait. They are quick and, nimble-footed. Huskies erect neck graceful straight back leads to the bushy tail. Their well-furred coat explicitly shows the muscular line of the body.


Huskies are handsome and, have impressive-looking or fascinating features. They are affectionate, lovable, child-friendly, cat-friendly, intelligent, playful, watchdogs, easily trained, and territorial. They prove the best companion but, have little health issues.

Prose and Cons of Having Husky as Pet:

There are some specific pros and, cons that you need to consider before buying a Husky.

  • They have endless energy
  • Huskies have impressive intellect. They have a natural instinct to explore an average fence won’t enough to stop them
  • Huskies even do best in severe cold
  • They are born to run even in water due to their long water resistant overcoat
  • They are best watchdogs because they don’t get fatigued
  • They have independent nature which makes them stubborn
  • As they howl so you can get noise complaints
  • They shed a lot per year

Huskies are fastidious, dignified, independent and, friendly. Huskies have the alluring appeal they have a wolf-like appearance but they are totally easy going and, lovable. It is entirely a fun to own a Husky you just need to focus on it earlier training because they are highly energetic and, independent.

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3 years ago

Why does the link say “Best Dog Food for Huskies” and yet, there is not one single dog food listed?

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