Best Dog Food for Labrador – Top Rated Labrador Retriever Dog Food

In USA, the United Kingdom, and Canada Labrador is one of the most famous and renown breed of the dogs. Labrador Retriever or more commonly known as Lab, is one of the trusted disability assistant breeds in many countries. They effectively act as therapy dogs because they are exquisitely trained to help the blind people and those who have autism. They are as well called best sporting and, hunting dogs.

History of Labrador:

The Labrador breed was once labeled as ST johns water dog. By the time when dogs were brought to England, they were named after the geographic area known as Labrador. They were named as Labrador to distinguish them from Newfoundland this breed was also created near the same time in Labrador.

Labrador Characteristics:

There are some specification and, characteristics of Labrador.

  • Another name of the Labrador is Labrador Retriever
  • Origin of Labrador is the United Kingdom or Canada
  • The eight of the male lab is 60 to 80lb and, the weight of the female lab is from 50 to 70 lb
  • The coat f the Labrador comes in three solid colors black chocolate and, yellow
  • The lifespan of Labrador is from 12 to 13 year

Personality Traits of Labrador:

Labs are super friendly, high spirited, even-tempered, kind, intelligent, gentle,  trusting, agile, and have more than enough affection for a family. The Labrador is an enthusiastic athlete breed that requires exercise to be mentally and, physically fit.

Pros and Cons of Having a Labrador Pet Dog:

It is very important to consider pros and, cons if you are thinking to own a Labrador.

  • Labrador is a synonym of dependability, cheerfulness and, loyalty
  • They are super friendly, easy going, and, easy to train
  • They are the best energetic companion for hiking, and, running
  • Labradors are highly intelligent nothing makes them than learning skills
  • Labradors are usually used to shedding hairs so you need to spend much time in vacuuming and, sweeping
  • Labradors have high energy level without daily exercise they may resort to destructive behavior
  • Labradors are prone to different allergies
  • Labs eat a lot so they are prone to obesity

Labrador is a reputable breed they are well-socialized intelligent and, healthy. They are smart they can even understand and, perform the complex command. They are outgoing as well they easily get used to the variety of social situation. They cannot harm you because they have a soft mouth you just need to be careful about vacuuming because they shed a lot.

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