Best Dog Food for Pitbulls – Top Rated Pit Bull Dog Food

Pit BullsBasically, mixed breed dogs are often labeled as PitBulls. They have certain characteristics such as bulky body shape type and, square shaped head.

Pitbulls are used in legal dog fighting in America even a law enforcement organization also reports that these dogs are also used as attack dogs and, police dogs.

Fact about Pit Bulls:

The fact about the PitBulls is it is not a breed, in fact, it is a term that is used to point out all the dogs with similar traits.

PitBulls is actually a common name for the types of the dogs plunge from bulldogs to terrier. PitBulls term basically refer to the following breed and, the combination of the breed such as American Bulldogs American Pit Bull terrier, English bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, and, American Staffordshire terrier.

History of Pit Bulls:

Originally Pit Bulls were Old English bulldogs bred that gained popularity in a brutal blood sport known as Bull Baiting. A bull was put in a pit and others dogs job was to immobilize the bull. These matches held weekly for entertainment. Thankfully this game had been banned over years ago and dogs went from fighters to families.

Characteristics of Pit Bulls:

There are some specific physical traits of the Pit Bulls such as the weight of the pit bulls is between 35 to 65 pounds and, they are usually 24 inches tall. Some of them can be slightly taller or longer. Pit Bulls has the less hairy low maintenance coat that comes in a proper range of the colors including black, white, tan, brown and, brindle.  And the pit bulls average life expectancy is 12 to 14 tears.  That was the physical traits of the pit bulls there is as well certain striking personality traits. The pit bulls are affectionate, friendly, active, loyal, obedient, stubborn, strong-willed, courageous, intelligent, clownish and, easily socialized.

Pros and Cons of Having Pit Bull as Pet:

There are certain pros and, cons of the pit bulls that one needs to consider.

  • Pit bulls are healthy dogs. They are athletics and, super active
  • Pit bulls are friendly and loyal companions
  • If a pit bull is well-trained or treated it will turn out to be an amazing family dog
  • Pit bulls need just minimum grooming. Pit bulls skin and, hair coat is easy to maintain
  • Pit bulls have high dog sensitivities
  • Pit bulls are naturally stubborn, strong-willed and, aggressive
  • Among other animals pit bulls need strict supervisions

There are countless benefits of owning pit bulls all you need is to train them to be less aggressive.  Pit bulls are not house dogs but with an appropriate training, attention and, commitment they can be amazing house dogs and, your best friends.

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