Best Dog Food for Yorkies – Top Rated Yorkshire Terrier Dog Food

Yorkie is a nickname for a breed of dogs known as Yorkshire terrier. They get the name because they were first acknowledged in Yorkshire, England.

This dog is quite playful and thus has been a great friend to many people. A feature that makes this breed different is the long silky coat and the topknot that adds style and glamour to the already gorgeous dog.

The very miniature size of Yorkie makes it a perfect travel companion so it travels in style too. The dog owner uses some adorable totes to show off their pet to the world, as they are a treat to watch.

Yorkies are extremely affectionate dogs and love their owners largely. However, they are very suspicious of strangers and bark if they find something strange happening around them. The popular opinion about them is that Yorkshire Terriers are a great choice if you have kids because of their smaller size.

They are suitable for apartments too. They are extremely possessive of their owners and cannot share their importance with other pets. Therefore, you will enjoy a fight if you get a new pet while having a Yorkie.

A cute fury appearance, a coat that enhances the cute look and the attractive personality of Yorkies are three outstanding qualities that make them the favorite breeds in the world and these little munchkins are hard to resist.

What do Yorkies eat?

Like all other dog breeds, Yorkies are carnivores too. However, they eat vegetable too. Vegetables contain all the nutrients that ensure a good health of the dogs.

Yorkies suffer from digestive issues so providing them with vegetables that are high in fiber is a healthy practice. Carotenes are also important for them as they have eyesight issues too. Meats should be the main dog food accompanied by some vegetables and starchy foods like rice and pasta. The complete meat should have bite size pieces so they are easily absorbed and digested by the little dog.

Maintenance of Yorkies

Terriers are cute dogs but they need proper maintenance. Proper brushing and cleaning on a daily basis are the basic requirements if you really love your pet and are concerned about its appearance. You can even cover your puppy with a coat and use clippers if needed. Then you can skip brushing too!

Handle with care!

An important factor is taking care of these little babies. They love to curl up and sleep so you can step on it if it is curled in a blanket or under a pillow. Handling them or picking them up needs practice too as they are too tiny and may injure themselves due to lack of attention.

Final Words

In this article, we learn about the features of Yorkies and tips for taking care of them if you own them. If you are planning to have a Yorkie, go for it, as you will never regret the decision.

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