Can Dogs Eat Avocado – Find Whether You Dog Can Eat Avocado or Not

Avocado is a fruit that is the best option to eat for a human, for better skin and health but when it comes to the animal,you have to be careful. It was reported in some cases that horses were affected by eating this because of the elements it consists.

According to many, Avocado in general is not recommended for any animal, but I highly doubt that. To be sure, of it, I went through some articles where I found a study by Dr. Jean Hovfe, an author of many books that also relate to the information about the habits of cats and dogs. The author asserts that dogs can eat avocado only if it suits their diet.

Still wondering why avocado would engender the health problems, it is because it contains persin that is toxin for animals and it would be the reason for any gastroenteritis or other problems but to remember one things is you cannot feed any of the pits or seeds to your dog as that is poisonous.

That could be the reason of obstructions that would later on turn into fatal medical issue, surgeries and sometimes cause the vets to put the dog down. Therefore, to avoid any of these situations, make sure you feed your pets, fruits without any seeds and pits as most of them contain cyanide, which limits the ability of the body to carry out oxygen in the body, which makes animals fatal. In addition, avocado seeds contain a minimal amount of it, whichshould be avoided.

Only in cases the Avocado shall be avoided is when it added with other ingredients that is not suitable. Like onions and garlics are a big no as they too are toxins. If Avocado has additional seasoning added then you just need to make sure that they have a certain amount of it since too much of it could be harmful.

Other than that, if you dogs enjoying it then let it be as you might not see any such problems but if you still are unsure then you might as well contact the veterinary who might clear this obnoxious thoughts.

How is Avocado beneficial for Dogs?

Avocado are naturally a power food for humans and few animals. They contain a high amount of omega fatty acids, crude fibre and Vitamin A, C and E. More over they are rich in potassium and niacin that is very healthy for the skin and hair.

Doctors have also given the authorization to the dog owner to feed avocado in the cases of hair loss, hair thinning, dry skin, infection or some foul smell from the hair or skin. As said before because of the amount it contain it is very valuable and would help the dog to recover from any such problem. Only due to the low percentage of these essential nutrient and fats they unlikely do not have suffer from such conditions. Moreover, to pave these problems Avocado is the best for it.

Even with the advantages, you have to be careful while feeding them in huge quantity as working positively it might go the wrong way and your dog might suffer from diarrhea.

In order to end this, using avocado as a treat is a better option for you dog, without the skin, seeds and other things. It would be best if you communicate with your vet if you feel suspicious and would not want to take a risk other wise there is no proof in confirming us how egregious it would be for your little one.

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