Can Dogs Eat Bananas – Find Whether You Dog Can Eat Bananas or Not

Humans love the sweet yellow fruit that can be eaten without any limitations. We somehow, feed normal food to our pets without thinking twice, and things do not seem to go the right way. So today, we wonder if our dogs can eat bananas.

Well sure, they can. Dogs love eating bananas because of the sweet flavour but we must make sure not to give them this in their daily diet. Using them as a normal food might get our dogs in hot water for many reasons. However, if you feed them as a treat they would savour it rather than getting bore of it.

Bananas are healthy no doubt, as they contain all the minerals and nutrients a dog would need. It contain rich amount of potassium, a natural source Vitamin B6 and C. They also contain Magnesium that helps the body in absorbing all the vitamins and promotes bone growth too. Other than that, they also consist of fiber and that helps the digestive system of the dog. These things are a healthy choice compared to the other salty treat we give the dog. This not may only give benefits but also work as sweet tooth for them.

How is Bananas bad for dogs?

We know that the elements it consist are good but there is an adverse effect too. If the fruit is eaten without moderation that would just be an erroneous thing to do. Despite the satisfaction of it, they can also cause trouble because of the sugar quantity they hold in themselves. Too much of the sugar would only effect the dog’s health by the diseases. They can suffer from obesity, diabetes and gastrointestinal problems.

These entire three problem can create life-threatening cases. Obesity does not only mean excessive weight but it also means damaging other parts of the body, and reduces the life span. Diabetes is the never-ending disease if not catered properly might as well make your dog blind. Gastrointestinal would be related to the stomach, which would lead to a lot of vomiting, problems in passing feces, loss of appetite and weight. All of this is not healthy so to avoid all of this you should feed them bananas moderately.

Another thing is never give the banana peel to them. Those are hard and not chewable if swollen directly should be taken to the vet immediately for preventing any serious damage.

Way to serve bananas:

Before serving the dog this scrumptious desert, you should contact your veteran and discuss about how you would be feeding them. If the doctors asserts you should go on, then only you must.

Bananas can be served in multiple ways to the dogs.

One the ways is you can mix the banana in their regular dog food. They would love the new taste and enjoy eating it.

The second way is to mash the banana up and stuff it in their toys or puzzle feeder. By doing that it would the dogs physical and mental stimulation and they would pretty busy in finishing it.

Another way is to add them in some treat recipes. The online world has many different recipes to follow but the best is adding the banana in the peanut butter and serving it to them.

The more you can do is just freeze the bananas and when the time comes to serve them you can easily cut it into slices and present it to them.

To conclude this, Bananas is a healthy option for you and your dogs. You can feed them moderately in many different ways and get benefit rather than the effects.

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