Can Dogs Eat Celery – Find Whether You Dog Can Eat Celery or Not

Dogs get benefited from the same fruits and vegetables for the same reasons for which humans do although the requirement of dogs to eat fruits and vegetables isn’t the same as for the humans. There can also be a few dogs who suffer from obesity; it is good for them to have fruits and vegetables which are low in fats and calories. There are no hard and fast rules of food which can be applied to both humans and animals. Some fruits and vegetables which are healthy for humans can be equally poisonous for the animals. So, it is always good to have such questions in minds before feeding the dogs even a fruit or vegetable.

The simple answer to this question can be yes that it is okay to let dogs eat celery but it is also important to know the exact amount or dose which would be appropriate for a dog to have it eaten. With that, it is also considerable to look at the risk factors which can possibly be associated with the celery. It is recommended from a number of websites that celery is safer for the dogs. Dogs are sometimes made to eat celery to fulfill the purpose of losing weight. Celery is low in fats and calories and can provide several fibers, vitamin A,C and K which can also be used to freshen up the breaths of the dogs. It is also necessary to make sure that the celery is washed and chopped properly to let it serve the purpose. Celery can be used as a treat for the dogs but it shouldn’t be considered as a compensation for other proper food which all of the dogs need to have proteins and calcium. So, the regular food requirement should also be met. Celery is a source of potassium, magnesium and folate which is a good thing but having too much of this wouldn’t be a good idea as it can cause diarrhea and digestion problem. It’s necessary for dogs to have the celery in moderation as it shouldn’t be more than 10% of the total amount of dog’s daily diet. So in that way, it is also dependable on how much other treats the dogs is having on a regular basis and what other food supplements are being provided to the dogs. It doesn’t mean that one should measure the accurate amount by having a scale in-hand but even an estimate or random guess can work. If a dog eats a complete bowl of food in a day then it would be too much absurd to let him eat the celery equal or a little less than a bowl.

The form in which celery is given to the dogs to eat is also considerable. The raw celery is eatable for the dogs only in case if it is properly washed and cleaned. And to chop the celery into pieces would make it easy for the dogs to swallow it because the chopping would automatically remove the stringy parts which are difficult to swallow. The proper care in chopping and washing the celery is necessary to avoid any other stomach problems and diseases. It is also okay for the dogs to eat cooked celery. The cooked form of celery is appropriate for the small breed that has to make extra effort in chewing. It should also be kept in mind that how the celery is being cooked. In that way, the types of dogs & the way celery is being cooked both factors should be considered when it comes to answering that whether dogs should eat celery or not. It is usually assumed okay by the people to let the dogs eat the leftovers from the table while it can problematic as celery can be cooked in something which is okay for the humans health but not for the dogs.Can Dogs Eat Celery

The risk factors which are associated with celery should be into consideration when it comes to feed your dog with healthy food. It is usually generalized that if one fruit or vegetable is okay for one dog/breed, it would also be okay for some other dog/breed while that’s very absurd to make such generalizations which can really cause hassle to the dogs and their owners. To eliminate this risk, it is necessary to introduce the new food in small portions to the dogs so that it would be easier to cope up with the side effects of the treat and eliminate it from the overall food diet immediately. A number of cases which are reported because of experiencing food poisoning in dogs are mostly because of cabbage, spinach, tomatoes and celery. So, the risk factor is there and easily detectable but the reasons behind can be numerous. It is also possible if the contamination is carried out at any stage of the overall supply process. The other reason can be the big pieces of celery which are not chopped off properly which can cause choking in dogs. So, it is necessary to make sure that the celery is fresh and pure without being exposed to any unhygienic food preparation procedures and practices. It is also rare, but some dogs are found to have allergies from certain food products and even these allergies can be different for different dogs. On one hand, the sources and data are giving a clear answer in yes to the question of celery to be eaten by dogs or not. While on the other hands, there are risks associated with celery which are easily detectable. As, every dog is unique and has its own special needs, demands and system so, the risk can be eliminated if things are being carried out with proper care and attention at each and every stage of the process. The proper advice can also be taken from vet when it comes to give proper healthy food to the dogs. No doubts, dogs are very dear to everyone who has them so it’s recommendable to such people to take proper advice from the vet before giving any sort of fruit, vegetable or other foods to their dogs. Also, the extra care, attention and effort is required to make sure that all of the risk factors is eliminated to get as much of the benefits as possible from the celery or other food, vegetable or treat.

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