Can Dogs Eat Lettuce and Tomatoes?

The greens in our food, grown in a way that only give us rich vitamin and mineral that we need. From Salad to our grilled food, we make sure to add them but when it comes to our pup, we need to do our homework before giving it to them. Well these little one’s love greens and you would not believe it!

They could eat any sort of green from cauliflower, icebergs and many others. Though some of the vegetables might not be safe to feed them whereas the ones that are given can be added in their diet too.

What sort of benefits does a dog get?

Since the lettuce has 90% of water in them they’re good for keeping your dog hydrate otherwise not too many advantages can be found in it other than a little of vitamin and fibre.

The fibre works great and helps to feed bacteria that is good to keep the immune system constant and healthy. Other than it is also helps the digestive system by preventing constipation.

The other properties help your dog by keeping its blood pressure low in a normal way to avoid any sort of mishap.

Yes, they are safe and give somewhat benefits to your dog but the problem is that the lettuce cannot be fed in a whole form like that, as it would be hard to chew so you have to give it to them in different ways to enjoy it.

In addition, I believe there are far more better options too feed your little pup than lettuce because of the components it has is less.

How can I feed my dog lettuce?

As we do it normally for us, it should be done for the dogs too, before going further to any other step make sure to wash the lettuce very properly so that any bacteria or dirt may be washed away.


Since two dogs would never like the same thing, you can prepare the lettuce in a salad form but you need to make sure you do not add any seasoning that is not safe for them. Most of these added things are not good for your dog that you might not know and would end up with some health problems.

Also never, feed your dog the left over salads you made for yourself, only because it has lettuce. This is because other vegetables like onions might not be a good option to feed them.


Since we know, dogs have a hard time eating raw vegetables. Dog owners usually steam them so that it becomes soft and they easily eat it. Another reason to steam the vegies are preserve all the goodness they have in them.

Yes, some dogs like the crunchy part, and you might think they would fuss over it but that is not true your dogs would not even care but would be grateful that you gave them lettuce.

Other than that if your giving it raw make sure you cut the lettuce and feed them so that they don’t go through the hassle or effect their health in that process.

How much lettuce should be given to the little pup?

Every dog is different and if you are adding something new to your diet, you must have a talk with the vet so you are aware of everything.

After the approval, you can do is add small or size of spoonful in your dogs diet and see how they react over it. If you do not see anything, instead they only enjoying it then slowly gradually add more and give it time to time.

Since a huge amount can only lead to diarrhea as of the fibre content it has would work adverse.

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