Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes – Find Whether You Dog Can Eat Tomatoes or Not

Tomatoes belong to the night shade family. This means that some the parts of this fruit are toxic, which is harmful for animals. So does that mean Dogs cannot eat them?

No, dogs can eat the fruit but not the parts like its plants and stem, as they are toxic. Tomatoes are juicy and yummy. Dogs thoroughly enjoy them. The only time you have to worry is when you have a whole plant at your place. Dogs may not even care and eat it.

How are tomatoes good for dogs?

Despite of being toxic, the tomatoes have many nutrient and mineral for dogs and us. They are rich in nutrients, low in calories and high in fiber. Due to the quantity of fibre, these are good for our digestive system. It also contains an element lycopene which works miracles for dogs, it helps in ways like reduces the risk of any hear disease, makes the bones strong. They also have beta-carotene which helps in cognition and the vitamin A helps in vision where as Vitamin C is too god for their skin. Other than that, potassium and folate, which are mineral, help in keeping the blood pressure normal and good muscle health.

How are they bad for the dog?

Tomatoes as mentioned are from a family of fruits that are toxic. If the fruit is not removed from the plant or is still raw then it becomes harmful for the dog. According to research, it has been proved that stems and vines have toxin in them, which is harmful, and because of digesting it, it can cause your dog different side effects. Most dogs intake them and suffer from gastrointestinal problem, vomiting, fatigue, increase in the heart rate, confusion and drowsiness. You can find other symptoms to which would not be familiar but if you see any thing happening in adverse it means it is effecting the dog and you need to see your vet as soon as you can.

Most of us get food that contains tomatoes without realizing that they can have additional ingredients that may cause some sort of allergy to your dog. These can also lead your dog to life threatening disease like anaphylaxis. If you see your dog sneezing, having breathing problems or any other symptoms you should visit the vet soon as possible.

Another thing while feeding them ripe tomatoes, even though they are safe you still need to keep a quantity set to feed them. The excessive amount of this fruit would just give them diarrhea,

Dogs may already be allergic or medical problems, and in that case, you might not be able to give them tomatoes.

How should I give my dog tomatoes?

After getting an approval from the vet, you can serve your dog the tomatoes in the ripe form. Tomatoes shall be taken from a source where you know details of the tomatoes, how they are served and kept.

Make sure you wash them so that the germs that could make your dog sick can trouble or make them fall sick.  You can give them it in the ripe form without the stems so that nothing happens to them. Do not add any additional seasoning or anything.

If you get any sauces from the stores, you should see the ingredients properly, as onions and garlics are not good for them.

To conclude this article, tomatoes are fine only if given that are ripped and are without the stems. They are safe until the point it becomes excessive. Other than that, they have health benefits and are scrumptious.

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