How To Convince Your Parents To Get You A Dog??

Nowadays, children seem to be obsessed with the idea of getting a dg as their pet. Since, it is a well-known fact that before taking some of the big decisions of your life, like owning a pet and taking care of him, it is important that you first need approval and consent from your parents, after which you will be able to consider of having a dog as your pet. However, the idea of making your parents convinced with this thought of getting a dog, may not appeal to your parents greatly as much as it appeals to you.

Thus, in order to convince your parents, to let you have a dog as your pet, it is important that you must consider some of the important points in your mind, before going to talk to them about it, so that it would be quiet easier for you to convince them and make them surrender with this constant denial for having a dog.

First and foremost, it is necessary that before having a dog as your pet, you must have a detailed and deep knowledge regarding how to pet a dog at your house, what things should be considered important like you must know about his feed, his activities, his problems and difficulties, about his illnesses and also different factors must be known to the owner, so that in case on any difficulty, the problem can not only be rectified by you and your family members, but it should also be solved in the best possible way with the support and help of others.

According to Winston Pendelton, the description of how to convince your parents for letting you have a dog has been explained in the easiest one-line statement which states that:

“The best way to get a puppy is to beg for a baby brother — and they’ll settle for a puppy every time.”

However, along with this statement, there are number of other strategies that can be implemented in order to make any type of stubborn and reluctant parents convinced with the idea of petting a dog at their home.

First of all, before going to your parents it is important that you must prepare yourself first, and should have a detailed thought about what points you are going to present in front of your parents, which will make them realize that your demand is not stupidity and will not be a burden for them. As we all know, that petting a dog is a huge responsibility, and most of the parents think that having a dog as a pet will definitely increase their level of difficulties, responsibilities and burden as they will have to give proper attention and time to the dog, destruction of household furniture and other things is also a possibility and their child’s normal routine and timings for study, sleep thus everything will be disturbed.

You may have a chance to understand their fears and provide them justifications accordingly. Some of the points, that can be discussed between you and your parents are described below, which might truly help you out in convincing your parents.


The first thing that you must be discussing with your parents, is your daily routine. Since, it is a known fact that whether you are going to have a new puppy or an adult dog, he will be needing proper time, attention, feeding, grooming, exercising and outdoor walks from time to time. Which will ultimately disturb your daily routine, as you will have to find out time for his activities, you need to adjust your plan accordingly and provide your parents with a properly time managed daily plan of yours, so that your parent will feel that you know how big responsibility is to pet a dog and you will adjust your timings accordingly. Moreover it takes a lot of patience to train your dog about toileting and behaving properly when he is in the house.


Also, make your parents believe that you know all the responsibilities you have to perform after having a dog, and ensure them that you will not only take care of his needs and requirements, like feeding him, cleaning him up, taking part in contributing his expenses etc., but will also give proper time to your studies and other activities as well.


Make up your mind regarding what type of dog’s breed you want. It is also a very important factor, that not every breed of dog will be suitable for your family. Let’ss suppose if you are living in a small house or in an apartment, then a freakishly large sized dog will not be a good option for you, rather than this, you must consider something smaller in size and who could easily play around even in your small house. Similarly, if you are thinking to have a dog who will play with you all the time, participate in exercising activities, or even if you want to take him up for hiking, then a breed in the Toy Group might not be according to your needs. Therefore, have a proper and detailed research about different breeds of dogs and which one will sit you the best.


As we all know that parents seem to be convinced the most, when they will understand the beneficial impacts of dog on their children. Here are some of the powerful points which will definitely help you to convince your parents:

  • Owning a dog gives you a feeling of companionship, friendship and your feelings of kindness and humanity will ultimately rise, when you will be living with another living being all the time.
  • It will also improve your daily routine, since you will be focused on fulfilling your promises and will play, exercise and spend time with your dog for decided duration and also give proper attention to other activities as well.
  • A dog also helps you to protect the house from any type of theft since most of the dogs, knows how to guard and protect the house from unwanted people.
  • It also very important, to convince your parents and come up with certain ideas through which you can manage and cut off the increasing expenses and maintain a normal budget after having the dog.

Thus, these are some of the tips that will help you out to convince your parents, and make them feel good about having a dog as your pet.

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2 years ago

I have done all that plz make more every website says to do those things and none of them have worked I have tried them ALL

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