Essential Oils for Dogs – What Essential Oils Are Good for Dogs?

With the production of a vast variety of artificial things, if we ever are to hear the word natural we assume is to be the safest option. Little do we know not everything that is natural can be good for us? A lot the things consisting within can cause adverse reactions. Same of this applies on some of the tamed animals.

Dogs are a mans best friend they say, most of the things they eat are similar to our food. For instance, if we talk about the essential oil that contains a huge amount of good properties, we forget they may not work the best for our little pup.

Oils are a great source of all the Vitamins, nutrients and minerals. It is understandable that we use it for ourselves but with dogs. Strange.

Well oil work as health benefits for them too, but here since they are natural we have to be sure of which essential oil they can use since some of the stems and barks can contain a chemical, which would engender the dog with many effects.

To be careful and to be fully aware of all the components once must go to their vet and get a consultation. However, the oils that are asserted to be toxic are mostly, Tea tree oil, Tea Tree Oil, Birch, Bitter almond, Garlic oil and Clove oil.


To understand the topic more, the dog parents use oil to make the skin and the coat of the dog better which healthy for them. Therefore, here are some of the best oils to use for your dog.

  1. Chamomile Oil: This oil works wonders to the skin. It does not give any side effects and makes the skin healthier for the dogs and us.
  2. Coconut oil: Coconut oil is one of those oils that is best for the hair and skin. It can also be added in our cooking where as for dogs, giving the same benefits, it especially works as a hydrator and controls their odour.
  3. Jojoba: A dog’s skin can also become dry and itchy. This oil is especially to moisturize the skin and keep it soft and hydrated.
  4. Lavender: The word itself is the calm word. It gives us a relaxing feeling. Other than it to works in a way for dogs to keep their skins soothing and to maintain their coat.
  5. Fish Oil: Packed with rich Omega fatty acids, you know it must be really good then. Keeping the pup coat healthy by keeping, them shiny and smooth.
  6. Avocado: The whole fruit itself is packed with many nutrients but here as oil it works as moist for the dog’s fur and adds shine.
  7. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera for humans is a great option to digest or apply but for dogs, it is different. The dogs cannot digest this and would be dangerous. So make sure you follow correct steps while applying. This oil would work the same, make the skin clearer and softer. Works the best as a healer for any type of bruise, scar, and burns.

How to use these oils?

Before applying or feeding your dog, you first should consult the veterinary before doing anything to stay on the safer side. After getting the authorization, you must know how to use this oil.

Essential oils are very concentrated and are expensive, you cannot use them just like that; mix them with olive oil (the best of all oils) and water. The portion of oils are different for large and small dogs

For large: One drop of the essential mixed with 10 drops of olive oil and water. Whereas for the small ones more than 20 drops shall be added with water.

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